Patron Saint Patrick

Patrick was born in Roman Britain. His birthplace is not known with any certainty: some traditions place it in what is now England.

According to the Confession of Saint Patrick, at the age of sixteen he was captured by a group of Irish pirates, from his family’s Villa at “Bannavem Taburniae”(1).

They took him to Ireland where he was enslaved and held captive for six years. Patrick explains that the lord had mercy on his youth and ignorance, and afforded him the opportunity to be forgiven. After six years of captivity he heard a voice telling him to go home.

He traveled two hundred miles away,(2) where he found a ship and persuaded the captain to take him. Patrick continued to study Christianity.


He’s one of the MOST FAMOUS Christian saints, commonly associated with shamrocks and credited with ridding Ireland of snakes, but what do we know about Saint Patrick really? This St Patrick documentary from History Calling will go back to the original sources, written by the man himself, to separate fact from fiction and answer the question, what was the real St Patrick like? If you’ve ever wondered was St Patrick Irish, what was the deal with St Patrick and the shamrock, or why Saint Patrick’s day is on 17 March, then this is the video for you.

The real St Patrick

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